In every culture childhood is a special time. It is perhaps the most powerful periods of our lives. Our experiences form the foundation of what we become, the core of our being - our ability to learn, our senses of ourselves in relation to the world of nature, people, of things. It is a time for powerful experiences that forever fuel the scientist, the poet, the artist and the imagination within us...

Roseberry House strives to provide a warm welcoming environment where children are free to express their individuality, which inspires us as educators to create learning opportunities. We see each child and their family as the centre of a wider community and we endeavour to continually foster their ties within. We introduce these ideals through children’s play as we believe that this is the heart of a child’s learning. 

We believe that children learn best through play. Play is a phenomenon that comes instinctively and naturally, it’s the child’s realm, their delight, and their way of learning about themselves, each other and the world around them. Play advantageously occurs in a child focused environment where children have access to periods of uninterrupted investigation through which to explore.

We strive to create aesthetically pleasing learning environments by accessing natural materials with the intent of provoking wonder and intrigue. Educators provide the platform for children to embark on spontaneous play that is natural, unprompted and unplanned as well as using their knowledge and skills to create moments of intentional teaching that are thoughtful, informed and deliberate. We continue to reflect on our practice through critical reflection and rich professional conversations. Throughout children’s time at Roseberry house we strive to document their learning journey through flowing documentation which provides a global view of the child’s learning.

As educators we hold the view that our relationship with children is one that provides support and guidance; this is achieved through instilling a sense of resilience and providing the tools to create a passion for future learning. By obtaining holistic views of the child we have the ability to create an educational relationship that encourages capable and successful learners. This relationship is nurtured through opportunities that encourage an enthusiastic joy for lifelong learning.

As a community of educators our pedagogy is a formation of our beliefs, knowledge and personal experience. It guides the approach to our planning and underpins our daily purpose. We endeavour to access the knowledge of our peers through building respectful and professional relationships, continuously advocating for the early childhood field.

At Roseberry House we understand and respect our role in children’s most formative years, as a position of great importance and responsibility, learning is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere.

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