At Roseberry House our passion lies in building a bridge of partnership between our children, families, staff and community. We aspire to offer a balance between home and Roseberry House life and strive to make the transitional period a smooth, painless and happy experience, for children and families. We value interactions, to create strong and positive bonds with all children, displaying a real interest in their thoughts, ideas, work and play.

We respect the family voice in all aspects of the centre operations. We recognise that parents are the primary carers for all our children and maintain a high level of communication in order to achieve a holistic view of each individual child. We have an open door policy, whereby families are invited to be involved in any aspect of the program on any day and at any time.

We believe children learn through play. We aim to create positive, secure and aesthetically pleasing environments to enrich, engage and promote children to be active learners. Our programs are child directed and reflective of each child’s current interests, strengths and abilities. We acknowledge each child’s attempts and efforts and encourage them on a regular basis. We offer all children affection, as we believe that children learn and grow more when they feel happy, secure and loved.

We appreciate and believe that raw and natural materials are pleasurable and entice children to dream, explore and invent. By using natural materials we are encouraging children, in a subtle way, to care for their environment, by understanding, protecting and acting in a responsible way towards it.

We provide flexible routines and set realistic limits to ensure the well being of all children. We encourage children to be a part of this process and value their feedback, ideas and knowledge.

We advocate that all children are equal, unique and individual and should be treated as such. We are in tune with the diversity, values and dexterity of our staff and the wider community and portray this within the service. We show no bias to a child or family in regard to gender, culture or personal beliefs. We respect and celebrate each family’s similarities and differences, whilst cherishing the inclusion and involvement of families at Roseberry House.

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