The Roseberry House 1-2 year old room is a phenomenal time in a child’s life. It’s a time full of wonder, intrigue, exploration and growth. It’s a time that is precious, that is special, that is meaningful and significant.

It is with passion and mindfulness that the Roseberry House educators welcome and transition your child into our care and learning environment, supporting them through each step of their journey in becoming an integral part of our Roseberry House community.

The transition period is treated with respect, ensuring a smooth, calm and relaxed start for your child and family. We do this by creating meaningful and trusting relationship between our educators, the child and their families. Creating these connections allows families and educators to communicate about all aspect of your child, helping to create a holistic view and a peaceful beginning.

Through our educators experience and passion for learning, their rooms are designed and based around professional experience, their teaching philosophy and educated knowledge. In the 1-2 year old room there will be small group experiences, parallel play experiences and solitary experiences. These areas will be well defined and set with age stage appropriate toys and equipment. The areas are set with intent and purpose and allowing the children to explore and use their imagination. We believe in open-ended play experiences set with raw, natural materials. Children of this age find pleasure when connecting with natural resources, it engages their senses and helps to create a curious, inquisitive child, ready to explore and invent.

Children of this age learn through repetition, therefore we believe allowing unhurried time to repeat and explore activities with the guiding support of educators to help extend and scaffold the child’s learning as they go. Educators encourage and support children to use their independent skills. We value the children’s efforts and offer time to attempt tasks on their own.

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