The Roseberry House 2-3 year old room is a special, unique and inspiring time in a child’s life; they are full of determination, strength and have an inner spirit that thrives in an environment where they feel connect and have a sense of belonging.

 Our Roseberry House educators embrace this extraordinary age with passion, the teachers empower the children by creating learning environments that embrace the children’s unique way of learning and acquiring information. The educators encourage and scaffold each child’s individuality and uniqueness for learning; we focus on their desires, their wishes and interests and use these to develop a learning environment that is stimulating, encouraging and supporting.

Children of this age are learning to see themselves as a separate person, who has control over their actions. They relish in using their independence skills and making decision for themselves. They have learnt that their mind and body is separate from those of other people.  They are learning to understand the 'rules' and how it all makes sense. Their world is a big, exciting and stimulating place; at times it can be complicated, challenging and overwhelming. It is our goal to ensure we create an environment that is nurturing, trusting and age stage appropriate. We allow children with unhurried time to complete task, activities and experience with teachers help and support to facilitate and scaffold.

As well as these planned experiences children in this age group learn from spontaneous moments too. It’s these spontaneous moments that the child learns life skills and piece together the world around them. For example, waving, smiling, talking, using a spoon to eat or a face washer to wipe their face. It’s these precious, small moments that help create beautiful and natural learning experiences for your child. 

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