The Roseberry House 3-4 year old room is full of inquisitive children, with a readiness and excitement for life. It is with passion and enthusiasm that the educators of this age group become a part of your child’s life and learning journey.

The educators in this room develop a program that focuses on growing self-confidence, problem-solving skills, self-esteem, skill development and independence. The educators utilises the children’s current interests and identified strengths as well as areas to scaffold and develop to create a holistic program that caters for children collectively and individually. It’s our goal to empower children and encourage a positive attitude for learning. We do this by providing a rich and meaningful program with opportunities for the children to express their ideas and interests; we take their thoughts seriously and respect their creative yet realistic minds.  

The 3-4 year old room is relaxed, flexible and allows for both spontaneous and planned experiences. Children are provided with interesting, aesthetically pleasing and engaging activities throughout the indoor and outdoor environments. Activities are designed to provide concepts that enhance understanding and learning in areas of literacy, maths, science, music, environment and creativity.

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