Passion, Warmth, Dedication – This is We Are About

Step inside Roseberry House ELC, and you’ll instantly feel like you’re at home. Whether it’s the smiling, welcoming faces of staff whose passion for their job and love for the children in their care are evident in everything that they do or the warm, nurturing, natural environment inside and outside every room – you’ll know that this is no ordinary centre.

In a world in which corporations have taken over child care, the market is flooded with cookie-cutter centres that treat their staff and children like assets to be managed, rather than beautiful, young sparks learning to shine their unique light. As a parent, you know how special and precious your child is, and you shouldn’t have the settle for a centre that merely looks after them while you work. Your child deserves an environment in which they can thrive, blossom and reach their maximum potential in a creative, independent and loving way that balances structure with the wonder of exploration and discovery.

This is what Roseberry House is all about. Step inside today to see for yourself how we can help your child thrive and grow.

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