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Blue Room (1-2 years)

This formative stage of your child’s life is crucial to their future development. We provide the nurturing, stimulating, inspiring environment that helps them discover the world around them with a sense of wonder and security. Low staff-to-child ratios mean that each child receives exceptional levels of focused, personalised attention to give them the best possible start to life.

At this stage, we focus on activities that assist your child in establishing a strong foundation of social skills and an independent inquiring mind, coupled with fine motor skills and a basic introduction to concepts of numeracy and literacy. This formative period sets them up with the perfect platform from which to grow in future years.

Typical activities and features of this room include:

  • Specialized Classes which include but not limited to Music, cooking, Art
  • Indoor and Outdoor program
  • Flexible Routine

Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare and development sector

Red Room (2 - 3 Years)

This is a stage in which your child is bursting with creative energy and inquisitiveness about everything around her or him. Our commitment is to nurture and encourage this with an active, energetic program that is filled with fun and educational activities. Language and number skills start to take on a more structured form, while still offering plenty of space for creative expression.

Boys and girls are given plenty of autonomy to follow their own interest and lines of inquiry to help bring out their unique, natural interests and character. At the same time, they will start to work together more collaboratively with their peers, learning the value of cooperation and teamwork.

A day in this room will usually include activities such as:

  • Specialized Classes which is included but not limited to yoga, music, cooking
  • Sensory Play
  • Small group times includes Library Classes

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education


Your child is now preparing for his or her entry to formal education. Our goal at this age is to introduce slightly more structure into their play and learning with a continued strong emphasis on independence and freedom to explore.

Our Koala/Yellow kids are given plenty of opportunities to express their creativity and individuality while sharing their ideas with their peers and working together to solve problems and collaborate on engaging projects that stimulate and entertain. A heightened awareness of the world around them is a hallmark of this age group, with children taking a more active role in caring for our herb and veggie garden, worm farm and Snowy the rabbit.

Other ways that your child will grow and develop include:

  • Opportunity for social play and exploration
  • Flexible group learning
  • A tailor made and inclusive curriculum

Fully skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school


Kinder is an exciting time that acts as a bridge between the freedom and discovery of early learning, and the more structured environment of formal schooling. Our task is to ensure that your child is prepared for what lies ahead while maintaining a healthy sense of freedom, independence and creativity.

Numeracy and literacy concepts are blended more actively into both individual activities to provide the perfect springboard for success. Music, movement, sporting and other sophisticated skills start to take on a more central part of the daily schedule as they approach one of the most important transitions of their young lives. Local schools regularly tell us that Roseberry Kids arrive at their doors exceptionally well prepared for the next important phase of their education.

Some of the outstanding features of our Kinder program are:

  • Specialized Teachers
  • Highly qualified experienced teacher
  • Individualized quality based curriculum


We endeavour to make our children, and their parents feel like family

Play Areas

Warm, inviting play areas foster creativity, wonder and discovery


Our staff’s qualifications are posted on each room’s door for transparency


State-of-the-art education techniques give your child the best possible start


We’ve been caring for children with love and passion for over 20 years


A complete learning environment to educate the whole child