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Bilby Room, Kindergarten, Bentleigh

Age Group: 4 – 5 Years

Class Size: 30

Class Overview

Kindergarten is an exciting time that acts as a bridge between the freedom and discovery of early learning and the more structured environment of formal schooling. Our task is to ensure that your child is prepared for what lies ahead while maintaining a healthy sense of freedom, independence and creativity.

Numeracy and literacy concepts are blended more actively into both individual activities to provide the perfect springboard for school. Music, movement, sporting and other sophisticated skills start to take on a more central part of the daily schedule as they approach one of the most important transitions of their young lives. Local schools regularly tell us that Roseberry Kids arrive at their doors exceptionally well prepared for the next important phase of their education.

A day in this room will usually

include activities such as:

Specialised Classes

Specialised classes include music, cooking, art and more to keep their day fun and informative.

Qualified Teacher

Our kinder program is let by our Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching qualified teacher to ensure we deliver quality education in preparation for school.

High-Quality Individualised Curriculum

We individualise the curriculum in this room to adapt to each child’s unique needs to ensure they are ready for school by the time they complete the kinder program.

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