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Children at Roseberry House Early Learning Maryborough enjoy the natural, homelike learning environment, designed to challenge and nurture their independent minds.

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Maryborough Childcare Centre

Here at our Maryborough service, the educators are committed to providing warm, nurturing and stimulating learning environments where the children can take ownership for their own learning in partnership with their caring educators. Educators respond to children’s interests and decision making through an emergent curriculum making process that caters to each child’s holistic development.

In line with the Early Years Learning Framework, My Time, Our Place, The Australian Curriculum and The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care framework; our educational programs are tailored to support the learning of our children in a way that maximises their development. Children are strong and knowledgeable, and our programs use their previous experiences, cultures and interests to challenge, question, discover and grow. Our program is an emerging strength-based program that supports children to achieve their developmental milestones through positive and meaningful educational experiences.

The team at Roseberry House Maryborough acknowledge that each child is a unique individual and recognise the importance of creating a strong link between home, community, and our centre. We tailor our practice and environments to cater to the spiritual and cultural backgrounds of the children to promote a sense of wellbeing, diversity and identity in our care environment.

Experienced Educators

Our professional staff provide incredible care for your child with a passion and zest that ensures they feel nurtured and loved.

Nutritious Food

We go to extraordinary lengths to provide healthy, delicious food that meets nutritional requirements, no matter how fussy or particular their diet.

Empowered Learning

We believe in giving your child the power to explore their unique path to learning in a fun and supportive environment.

Our Centre Highlights


Maryborough collaborates extensively in partnership within the local community to help support the best outcomes for children and families. Partnering with local services such as the Bendigo Aboriginal District Coop, Allied Health and the local Police. So that we are create a community network to cater to the child’s holistic development and wellbeing.


We have a Victorian approved funded Kindergarten at this service that is subsidised by the Child Care Subsidy through Centrelink. We run various projects and events and incorporate Emotional Literacy, Connection and Physical Health education and activities as they are foundational contributors to positive mental health.


At Maryborough, we are concerned about the natural world and resources we consume as part of our daily living. Committed to developing and maintaining sustainable practices, Children of all ages in the centre are engaged in sustainable and repurposed resources, recycling, composting, gardening and animal care.


We recognise the importance of collaboration with families and educators and use a variety of ways to communicate our daily happenings. Educators use a various methods to keep families as involved as possible in your child’s learning and holistic development whilst in care.

Home-like Environment

The educators provide a homely feel within the centre, encouraging children to feel safe and secure. All of the design elements, play equipment, furniture and resources are natural colours and materials.

Nature Play

Children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination are regularly stimulated by connecting with nature and utilising natural resources in a variety of ways.

Batjan-mum Room

6 weeks – 2 Years

Yula-wil Room

2 years – 3 Years

Ngur-Ngur Room

3 years – 5 years

Gurri Room

3 years – 5 years (Kindergarten)

Centre Extras

School Preparation Program

Children learn from the National Early Learning Years Framework as well as the National School Curriculum.


Children take part in regular yoga sessions to increase their flexibility and teach mindfulness.

Sports programs

Children enjoy their weekly sports, where educators build their coordination and confidence.

Cooking experiences

The children love learning about food as they actively engage in preparing healthy meals and snacks with their in-house chef.


Children learn about growing and harvesting food, water conservation, recycling and composting.

Music experiences

Children can enjoy all types of music from classical to contemporary, while also singing and dancing to express themselves.

Art experiences

Children are offered a wide variety of materials to explore their creativity. They can enjoy paint, clay, collage, drawing, and printing with their friends.


Children are provided with numerous opportunities within the curriculum to learn about a number of different cultures through events, community holidays, family contribution and external Koori Support Officers.

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At Roseberry House Early Learning Maryborough we provide quality play based creative and inspiring educational programs to enable children to be themselves while experiencing fulfilling and rewarding participation within their community.

We aim to equip children with a set of life skills for their ongoing learning.


Maryborough Centre

 123-125 Inkerman Street Maryborough VIC 3465
 Hours of operation: 6.30am–6.00pm
 (03) 5461 2544