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Your Childcare Subsidy Rate is dependent on three factors

If you are eligible to receive a Childcare Subsidy, it will be paid directly to Roseberry House.
We will then only charge you the Gap Fee based on your Subsidy Rate.

Family Income

Your estimated family income affects your Childcare Subsidy percentage based on the daily or hourly rate.

Type of Care

Your Childcare Subsidy percentage will apply to either the hourly rate cap or the centre's hourly rate, whichever is the lowest.

Hours of Activity

The amount of hours of subsidised care you can receive is dependent on the hours of recognised activities you participate in per fortnight.

Roseberry House Fees

Fee invoices are provided to all Roseberry House families via email at the beginning of each billing cycle. You will be provided with a Fee Calendar during your orientation to keep track.

Payment of fees need to be paid in advance. If you are paying monthly your fees will be charged in the first week of the invoice. Families on a weekly or fortnightly cycle must stay in advance.

Families must register with Centrelink prior to beginning care to determine your Childcare Subsidy.

Families entitled to the Childcare Subsidy will be charged the Gap Fee between the Subsidy Rate and Roseberry House’s daily rate.

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