Roseberry House

We Believe That Every Child is Unique, Special and Precious

At Roseberry House, we feel that every child that becomes part of our family deserves so much more than just “child care”. They deserve days that enrich their lives and stir magic into their soul.

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Our Philosophy

When you walk through a Roseberry House door, you will instantly recognise the differences that make us so much more than a childcare centre. For us, it’s not about business and transactions; our community is founded on important values and strong beliefs. Here are some of them:

We Believe in Letting Children Lead

Children view the world through their own lens. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to empower them to map their own path through play, learning, rest and snacks. Our staff provide the framework and gentle guidance within which each child is given the freedom to explore and express their unique character, interests and passions

We Believe in Making Everyone Feel at Home

We take immense care to create the most inviting, warm and comfortable environment for all members of our family. From natural, rustic furniture to essential oil diffusers and gentle, warm lighting to stimulate the senses, our centres look and feel more like a dream living room than a childcare centre, helping kids to feel at ease and open their minds to learning and growth.

We Believe in Coming Together as Family

Just as the dining room is where your family comes together to share their experiences, our tribes gather every day to exchange thoughts and ideas over delicious, healthy lunches. Additionally, we strongly encourage group play and collaborative learning activities to instil a powerful sense of cooperation and teamwork as they grow and take their places in society.

We Believe in Transparency

We want you to feel confident that your child is always in the very best of care. Our incredible staff are carefully selected for their outstanding credentials, training and an infectious sense of passion and joy in caring for your kids. Staff qualifications are displayed prominently on the door of each room, and we provide real-time information about what’s going on in all areas of the centre via simple to use apps.

We Believe in Good Nutrition

Busy minds and bodies need the right fuel to function at their best. Our kitchen, like yours, is the heart of our home and we put considerable effort into ensuring that our children have delicious, healthy, balanced meals that meet individual dietary requirements.

We Believe in Diversity

Roseberry Kids come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Similarly, our staff represent a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities. Learning in an environment that is reflective of the world they are about to enter is a great way to prepare them for life in a multicultural society.

We Believe in Connecting with Nature

Interacting with living things helps our children to develop a sense of responsibility and connection with the natural environment. From our herb and vegetable garden to our thriving worm farm and pet rabbit, Snowy, our centre fosters a well-rounded personality through a connection to the earth.

We Believe in Good Hygiene

We implement the highest sanitary standards throughout our centres so you can rest assured that your children are in a clean and healthy environment at all times. Instilling sound personal hygiene practices helps prevent the spread of illness and encourages important skills.

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