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Thomas Edison Room, Devonport Childcare Centre

Age Group: 2 years – 3 years

Class Size: 16

Class Overview

Thomas Edison rose from humble beginnings to develop technology and make his inventions widely available and useful. Invention is commonplace for children of this age as they become inquisitive and exploratory in their place.

Providing an abundant selection of resources within varied environments allows the imaginative creators to push boundaries and showcase their learning every minute of the day. Interacting with their peers teaches them social skills such as turn taking and making a friend.

At this stage, we focus on activities that assist your child in establishing a strong foundation of social skills and an independent inquiring mind, coupled with fine motor skills and a basic introduction to concepts of numeracy and literacy. This formative period sets them up with the perfect platform from which to grow in future years.

A day in this room will usually

include activities such as:

Specialised Classes

Specialised classes include music, cooking, art and more to keep their day fun and informative.

Indoor and Outdoor Program

Providing time for indoor and outdoor play as well as educational programs.

Flexible Routine

Flexible routines keep each day interesting and enable children to explore, discover and rest as needed.

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