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May Gibbs Room, Glen Huntly Childcare

Age Group: 2 – 3 Years

Class Size: 24

Class Overview

This is a stage in which your child is bursting with creative energy and inquisitiveness about everything around them. Our commitment is to nurture and encourage this with an active, energetic program that is filled with fun and educational activities. Language and number skills start to take on a more structured form, while still offering plenty of space for creative expression.

Boys and girls are given plenty of autonomy to follow their own interests and lines of inquiry to help bring out their unique, natural interests and character. At the same time, they will start to work more collaboratively with their peers, learning the value of cooperation and teamwork.

A day in this room will usually

include activities such as:

Specialised Classes

Specialised classes include music, cooking, art and more to keep their day fun and informative.

Sensory Play

Children can explore the senses of sight, touch, smell and taste to develop their thinking, language, physical and emotional skills.

Small Group Time

Small group time includes trips to the Library and more varied activities.

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